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Doing Law Differently.

Welcome to LeBlanc Jensen! Here, our passion and goal is using the law to improve the lives of real prairie people – workers, organizers, and changemakers. This means standing by your side to protect what matters most to you, your community, and your movement. We will work with you to ensure your voice is heard, your rights are protected, and that you understand exactly how we’re working for you.

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Law for the Rest of Us.

LeBlanc Jensen provides progressive legal services throughout Saskatchewan and the prairies. We stand for the values that have made the prairies great – working together, social cooperation, and solidarity. At the same time, we recognize that people – including lawyers – have work to do to make the prairies better, particularly for those of us who have been left behind and excluded.

We work with clients from all walks of life. For those with long-term strategic goals – including unions and organizers – we work with you to identify your legal interests and determine how law can best support your objectives. For those new to the legal arena, we will help you by simplifying language, demystifying legislation, and achieving tangible results.

Every step of the way, we will be your reliable guides as we navigate an often-complex legal landscape together, ultimately helping you find the right path and lightening your load on the journey. We will work for you and fearlessly advocate for the path and destination you choose.



You work hard for your certifications and collective agreements. Let us work hard to protect them.


Fair solutions for difficult problems. We act for both employees and progressive, non-unionized employers to provide equitable outcomes for complicated relationships.


Protecting your interests as you pursue government-regulated activities, programs, or your career.

Criminal Defence

Guarding your dignity and freedom when you’re most vulnerable.


Ensuring the government respects your fundamental rights and freedoms.

Civil Litigation

Preserving your rights and pursuing your claims in disputes with other individuals or businesses.

You deserve quality representation and a legal team that understands you and works with you.

You don’t always get to decide when you need a lawyer. But you can decide what kind of lawyer you work with. Don’t compromise on your values.

What our clients are saying.

Jacq Brasseur, CEO & Principal Consultant
Ivy + Dean Consulting

“We do things differently at our company, and it’s important to me that our lawyer doesn’t only understand this difference, but shares our approach too. LeBlanc Jensen are as invested in building inclusive, progressive, equitable communities as we are, and they work with us (often outside of the box!) to find ways to serve our clients.”

Amber Goodwyn, Artistic Director
Regina Folk Festival

“LeBlanc Jensen are wonderful to work with. Their team’s responsiveness, compassion and expertise help us to feel confident when making decisions. In particular, LeBlanc Jensen’s values align strongly with those of our non-profit organization, ensuring that progressive anti-colonial and equitable lenses are included in our strategies. We feel lucky to have a progressive legal resource like LeBlanc Jensen in our community!”

Melissa Coomber-Bendsten, CEO
YWCA Regina

“Dan understands how important it is to us, as a community organization, to approach our legal needs from a place of upholding our values and doing what is best for the community we serve, including our staff. Because he fundamentally believes in strengthening the community through his work, Dan ensures we are making decisions that protect our organization, and strengthen and support our team.“

Peter Gilmer, Advocate
Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry

“Our office has worked with Dan LeBlanc over the past four years and referred clients in need of legal supports. I am impressed with his informal, practical style and clear communication. This has resulted in a comfortable rapport with people, which he combines with a strong social conscience and keen analytical mind. I would highly recommend Dan‘s services. “

Emily Eaton, Professor
University of Regina

“For too long progressives have been investing their time and trust in lawyers that run their firms and their cases according to narrow corporate understandings of business and the law. It is time for us to change. In my case against the University of Regina (which sought access to information about the corporate funding of oil and gas research), Dan provided smart and caring representation and developed a strategy to highlight the duties and roles of public universities in our wider democracies. He did this while remaining attentive to the details of the legislation and realistic about which arguments were most likely to persuade the judge and win the case.”

 “I know that facing legal challenges and navigating a legal system can be complex, even overwhelming. Our role is to work with you through this process every step of the way. Each legal conflict has its own political, social, and personal dimensions. We will work with you to balance these dimensions in resolving your legal conflict.”

-Dan LeBlanc and Leif Jensen                 

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LeBlanc Jensen practices primarily in Treaty 1 and Treaty 4 territory; traditional home of the Métis.