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Melissa Coomber-Bendsten

“Dan understands how important it is to us, as a community organization, to approach our legal needs from a place of upholding our values and doing what is best for the community we serve, including our staff. Because he fundamentally believes in strengthening the community through his work, Dan ensures we are making decisions that protect our organization, and strengthen and support our team.“

YWCA Regina
Peter Gilmer

“Our office has worked with Dan LeBlanc over the past four years and referred clients in need of legal supports. I am impressed with his informal, practical style and clear communication. This has resulted in a comfortable rapport with people, which he combines with a strong social conscience and keen analytical mind. I would highly recommend Dan‘s services. “

Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry
Emily Eaton

“For too long progressives have been investing their time and trust in lawyers that run their firms and their cases according to narrow corporate understandings of business and the law. It is time for us to change. In my case against the University of Regina (which sought access to information about the corporate funding of oil and gas research), Dan provided smart and caring representation and developed a strategy to highlight the duties and roles of public universities in our wider democracies. He did this while remaining attentive to the details of the legislation and realistic about which arguments were most likely to persuade the judge and win the case.”

University of Regina